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Escape and Educate started with one simple principleMaking a good experience exceptional and making it available to all… Okay, that might be two founding principles, but they're good principles that we're equally as passionate about, so let's roll with them!

I know what you're thinking, how? Well, we've crunched the metaphorical numbers and spoken to the public and we've developed a plan which we believe will blow you all away. It's where Escape rooms meet Walking tours, a magical mix of critical thinking and fact-finding which will keep you on your toes whilst learning more about your surrounding! It's where you go to "Escape and Educate".

Sounds good? Well, it's about to get better! We also want to ensure that this is available and accessible to everyone. Therefore, for every location we’ve partnered with, we’re offering our main game and tour on a donation basis too! We're that confident you'll enjoy yourself - told you it got better!


Like any real-life Escape room, you’ll need to search, find and solve hidden puzzles. The only difference is that this room is virtual and your virtual friend is trapped in there, not you! The puzzles are linked to real-life exhibitions within your real-life location (i.e. Trafalgar Square). You’ll need to explore and search this location in-person to help crack the puzzle. Once cracked, you’ll be rewarded with part of the master password and given the opportunity to learn some fun facts about that exhibition which has helped you get one step closer to cracking the room! With each exhibition being carefully handpicked by our experts, you’ll be sure to visit the must-sees as well as some hidden gems!

If Escape rooms aren’t your thing, then don’t fear - we’ve got you covered! We also offer a Self-guided walking tour jam-packed full of goodies such as fun facts and urban legends, stuff you won't find on a plaque!

The game or tour can be played either solo or in a group through a personal mobile device. However, we’ve decided to limit this to one phone, even in groups, to help encourage in-person discussion and communication – so don’t forget, you're in a team - chat to each other!

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