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The Complete Rulebook


Game Difficulty:

The game is designed so that you shouldn't need too many rules to play. However, it's important you choose the right difficulty, as the game as this may hinder your ability to complete it! Please use the Guide below to indicate what game is for you:

1. Beginner: Designed with children and parents in mind. Therefore, the puzzles are relatively easy although some might require adult input/guidance. This game is also ideal for groups that have never played an Escape Room before and are not massive "logical/critical thinkers". The Game will guide you were riddles/puzzles/clues are needed now or needed later. 

2. Intermediate: Designed for adults but should be child friendly and with the support of an adult they'll enjoy it. Some prior Escape room knowledge is useful but not a must. If you enjoy puzzles but have not played an Escape Room before, this should not put you off this difficulty. The Game may guide you were riddles/puzzles/clues are needed now or needed later. 

2. Hard: Designed for adults, not child friendly. Escape room knowledge is recommended. The Game will not guide you were riddles/puzzles/clues are needed now or needed later. You may receive a number of red-herrings.

Game tools: 

You will need a Facebook messenger account, as you'll need to text your "Virtual best friend", Winglebert Dingleby! 

You'll also need the weblink to the British Museums virtual museum. The Virtual tour is best viewed through a Laptop or Tablet (larger screen). We suggest one device to message Winglebert and a separate laptop/tablet to navigate the Virtual tour. However, you could use the Virtual tour and play the game just on one Laptop or Tablet. 

If you only have access to a mobile phone or that the virtual tour is not opening on your tablet, please Click Here.

How to use the Museum virtual website

Click here to watch a video explaining how to operate the Virtual Museum.

The Museum virtual tour is set on a "virtual timeline". This will come in useful to search for artefacts.

To search the timeline, please click the coloured pebbles to see the different artefacts that belong to that era, noting the name of them.

An important point to note - to ensure you see ALL available pebbles, you must click off an open artefact. If you explore while an artefact is open, you will only see the pebbles which are ‘linked’ to that open artefact – other pebbles may be greyed out.

If you get stuck!

Don't fear, you will always be able to progress! You can also access the games "Answer page" if you get really stuck. You might need this during the game.

You can also access this at any point by messaging "answers" during the game.

There are optional "hints" provided within the game at each main milestone (new artefact) to help you without giving away the answer. Use these before you you use the "answer" page.

Click here to go back to the 100% virtual games page and select your difficulty.

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