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Have you just finished your 10th 1,000 piece puzzle? Spring cleaned to the point your house is shining? Garden looking like an Organic Fruit and Veg stall? Well don't worry - we've got you! 


We've pulled together a variety of  100% virtual "Treasure Hunt" games designed to be played with either your family (children focused) or friends from the comfort of your own home and/or over Zoom. The games vary in difficulty so we've got something for everyone! If you're someone who's never played an Escape Room/Treasure Hunt before and looking for something easy to follow, we've got it! Or you're a group of hardening Escapees, you've come to the right place. 


How to play:

We currently have two versions of the same game which uses the British Museum Virtual museum software currently available to play FOR FREE. To play, scroll down and click "View Details" and check out the description on that page for the relevant links!

What will I need:

  1. Laptop/Tablet - you'll need this for the British Museums virtual tour website. If you don't a laptop or tablet Click Here for the work-around.  

  2. Facebook Messenger - to play the game!

  3. Pen and paper - optional

  4. Thinking cap!

Difficulty rating:

1. Beginner - perfect for groups that have zero experience with Escape Rooms/Treasure Hunt or groups that have children aged 8-14. This game has classified as "Beginner" but we're confident everyone in the group will have fun and learn something - beginner or expert!

2. Intermediate - perfect for groups that are looking for a slight challenge. You don't need previous Escape Room/Treasure Hunt experience but it would help. 

If you would like further guidance on the difficulty rating please see our "Rulebook" page. These games can be found below.


If you're playing with children (or someone who likes a good read of the instructions beforehand) we suggest you review our "Rulebook" page. By the way, you'll also get a chance to review them as you start the game, but if you wish to take a sneak peek now, here's your chance!

Coming Soon:

Depending on feedback we're hoping to roll out more 100% virtual games before the lock-down is up. Please let us know if this is something that appeals to you! Also if you have any suggestions or improvements we'd be keen to hear them! This can be done through our Feedback Form on our Home Page or by clicking this link.

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