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Nothing beats a coffee after a hard day of exploring and learning!


Thank you so much, every pound matters. Especially given we’re such a young company and we’re keen on providing fun and educational games/tours to all! We really appreciate it!


If there are other members in your team that would also like a smooth Americano, you can either increase your quantity within your basket or they can purchase separately which will ensure they get a shout out on our Instagram page !


With each ‘purchase’ made, you’ll be supporting the creation of new games. We’ll be sure send you an email with a link to the finished game and the location your coffee help build! And hopefully, one day you’ll get a chance to try and taste quite possibly the best coffee a few quid can buy!    

Please scroll on down to see the coffees we have to offer!


If you (and the rest of your party) could also leave a review on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews this would really be the icing on top of a lovely large piece of chocolate cake!




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